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Act No : 6 of 1979

Keywords : Abet, Act, Affidavit, Assam Act, Attested, Bengal Act, Central Act, Central Government, Chapter, Child, Clause, Collector, Commencement, Commissioner, Constitution, Consular officer, Daughter, Day, Deputy Commissioner, District Court, District Judge, Document, Eastern Bengal and Assam, Eastern Bengal and Assam Act, Enactment, Father, Financial Year, Good Faith, Government, Government of Nagaland, Government Securities, High Court, Immovable Property, Imprisonment, Judicial Proceeding, Local Authority, Local Law, Magistrate, Master, Nagaland, Notification, official Gazette, Nagaland Act, Month, Movable Property, Oath, offence, Nagaland Ordinance, Part, Person, Prescribed, Public, Public Nuisance, Registered, Regulation, Rule, Schedule, Section, Ship, Sign, Son, Special Law, State, Sub-Section, Swear, Vessel, Will, Writing, Year

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