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Act No : 6 of 2007

Keywords : Annual Valuation, Assembly Constituency, Bakery or Baking House, Budget Grant, Carriage, Cart, Casual Vacancy, Conservancy, Company, Compound, Councillor, Dangerous Disease, District Magistrate, Drain, Dwelling House, Eating House, Electoral Roll, Executive Council, Filth, Food, House-drain, House Gully, House, Hut, Infectious Disease, Land, Latrine, Masonry Building or Framed Building, Municipal Area, Municipality, Nuisance, Occupier, Offensive Matter, Panchayat, Platform, Premises, Private Drain, Private Street, Public Building, Public Place, Public Road, Public Water Courses, Springs, Wells and Tanks, Quorum, Reconstruction of a Building, Road Alignment or Street Alignment, Rubbish, Scavenger, Sewage, Slaughter House, State Election Commission, State Finance Commission, Street, Sub-divisional Magistrate, Village Council, Ward

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